Guinness World Record for our president Varsha Goel


Varsha Goel, President of AAS NGO receives Guinness World Record as a part of Team MICQ for creating Largest Crocheted Scarf

It is officially confirmed that Smt. Varsha Goel, President of AAS NGO’s humanitarian work has been recognized by Guinness world Record. She has been continuously working through various means towards upliftment of society and her participation in creating World’s Largest Crocheted Scarf with the members of MICQ (Mother India’s Crochet Queens) has got recognition from Guinness World Record.

Mrs. Varsha Goel Says that “ This reorganization would not only be just a record, but shall act as a booster for Crochet demand in international market and shall help upliftment of the poor Crochet maker women of our country.”  The Team MICQ worked for creating world’s Largest Crocheted Scarf measuring 14.089 Km (46,223 ft 9 inches). It was officially recognized on 21st May, 2017 by Guinness World Record.

In a ceremony full of exuberance held at Marwah Studio Noida, Smt. Varsha Goel was presented with her Guinness World Record recognition certificate and appreciation for her work. On receiving this award Smt. Varsha Goel Says- ” I have never thought of getting such kind of International recognition, When I got informed about it, it was like a dream to me. It must be due to the prayers of those women and patients whom we have been trying to help through our various efforts“.

Varsha Goel also thanked Team MICQ she says ” I am grateful to Mr. J.P. Singh, Chief Mentor, Smt. Subashri Natrajan, The Managing Trustee and Mr. Sandeep Marwah, Chief Advisor MICQ for trusting me to be an active member of this initiative.”

Mrs Varsha  Goel has been working for social cause since last two decades and her NGO, AAS (Attitudinal Awareness in Society) has been providing awareness and help in Education, Health, Skill Development and change for good behaviour. She is leading campaigns like Cervical Cancer AwarenessBrilliant India and Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, sponsorship of education for underprivileged aspiring Students. She has been part of many fundraising drive meant for upliftment of poor people.


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